Throne of Eldraine: 2xEN & 1xJP Booster Display - WPN October 4 Release

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Throne of Eldraine

Think Camelot meets Grimms' Fairy Tales. It's a high-fantasy medieval world filled with knights and castles along with Magic's take on the genre of fairy tales.

Number of Cards: 15 and 1 ad card/token card
Number of Versions: 1

  • 1 rare/mythic rare
  • 3 uncommons
  • 10 commons
  • 1 land
  • 1 ad card/token card

The booster contents are as you would expect. The Draft Booster has the possibility of containing borderless planeswalkers or showcase cards. In Throne of Eldraine specifically, there are no non-foil common showcase cards in booster packs. Those appear only in the Collector Booster.

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