The first Filipino designed tabletop game to be released internationally.

It is a tile-sliding abstract game where each move determines your future actions. Origami paper is included to fold your own meeples or you can use the included custom meeples.

Each turn you'll play a tile and do its action. Then you'll slide your tile into the grid, forcing another tile that you'll use as your play next turn. Any patterns you connect will unlock additional skills for later turns. Get your meeples on the board and connect 4 of them in a row to win!

It comes with 1 instruction manual, 4 character cards, 4 starting pattern tiles, 4 starting skill cards, 10 journeyman skill cards, 4 master skill cards, 20 pattern tiles, 4 frog meeples, 4 crane meeples, 4 boat meeples, 4 Bird meeples, 20 sheets of Origami paper.

SRP: 1500 PHP

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