Final Fantasy TCG Custom Starter Set Final Fantasy X

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Unlike the various “Two Player Starter Sets” that have been released thus far, this set only includes 1 deck, but it is a new type of Starter Set in which players can enjoy rearranging and creating their original deck, and also aims to generously support beginners as they encounter their initial hurdle of deck construction.

Cards Breakdown

Initial deck: 50 cards

Breakdown – Wind element: 24 cards, Water element: 24 cards, Light element: 2 cards

Cards for customization: 50 cards

Fire element: 24 cards
*Swapping with the 24 cards of either element in the initial deck will create a new deck.

Assorted Extra Cards: 26 cards
Breakdown – Fire element: 7 cards, Wind element: 7 cards, Water element: 8 cards, Light/Dark element: 4 cards

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