Adepta Sororitas: Sisters of Battle

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Finally, it is here, the time has come...Sisters of Battle have arrived in plastic!
Includes 112-page Codex: Adepta Sororitas - Not available separately until 2020
Contains 25 brand new plastic, single-posed, Citadel Miniatures: 1 x Cannoness; 4 x Repentia; 10 x Battle Sisters with Sister Superior; 3 x Arco-flagellants; 5 x Seraphim with Sister Superior; 1 x Penitent Engine; and 1 x Repentia Superior
Also Includes: 80 x Adepta Sororitas Datacards; 12 x Miracle Dice; 1 x Adepta Sororitas Transfer Sheet
Available while stocks last.
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